Monday, September 18, 2017

What I Eat in a Day

Bolthouse Dressing [c/o]

Since I started counting Macros the number one question I'm asked is - What do/can you eat? The answer typically is - Anything I want! Of course, it has to fit within my numbers, but nothing is really off limits.

Let's get real for a minute. I use to think oh I shouldn't eat this or that and avocado is healthy. The fact of the matter is sugar is sugar and fat is fat. While avocado is a "good" fat it's still fat. So if you're eating a half a medium avocado a day (which I use to between breakfast and lunch) you're eating roughly 11 grams of fat! Yup, I bet you didn't know that because I surely didn't. I'm not saying don't eat it I'm just saying it's time to think about the amount of foods you're eating throughout the day.

Before I started counting macros I was high on carbs and fat, but now I'm balanced. Once I started eating a balanced ratio I started to see a shift not only in weight, but overall body composition. I should also mention I feel amazing, my skins looks better than ever and my body is processing food efficiently.

So you want to know what I eat? During the week I'm pretty boring, but here's roughly what my day  looks like:

Slice Sourdough toast
.40 oz unsalted butter
92 grams eggs whites (from 2-3 eggs), salt + pepper to taste
1-2 tbsp salsa
1 cup coffee
2 tbsp vanilla coconut creamer
(most days there's a second cup of coffee and I always build it in as a just in case)

1.5 oz baby spinach
50g diced bell pepper
2 oz diced cucumber
1 hard boiled egg (sometimes no yolk -- depending if I have the extra fat)
3 oz shredded chicken
2 tbsp boathouse dressing

133g roasted sweet potatoes
100g Roasted Broccoli
5 oz Shredded or Grilled Chicken
2 tbsp hot salsa

Protein Shake (43g Amazing Grass, 1 oz spinach, 1 oz strawberries, 1 cup water and a few ice cubes)
Red Top Plain greek Yogurt topped with 1 oz strawberries and 1 tsp honey or Chocolate PB2
2 - Caramel Rice Cakes

Currently, I try to hit the following numbers: 150g Carbs, 42 grams Fat and 115g protein totaling 1,438 calories. This will change as we shift from the "cut" phase to the "rebuilding" phase.

Alright, I challenge you to track your food for a day and to see what you're really eating. Be honest with yourself. Is it balanced? Are you eating enough food? Maybe you're overeating?

Have any other questions about macros or my workouts just comment below.

Friday, September 1, 2017

This + That

Since once again I couldn't get my shit together I'm rambling on Friday. You're welcome! I dunno maybe you like them. Either way let's just get down to business as I have places to be and people to see.

First is a pretty big announcement. It's a official I'm a business owner! I finally incorporated my little marketing, PR, etc. business after like 2 years. You could say business is really good and my accountant said it was time. Say hello to the new president, HR manager, assistant and every other title of Shout Media.

Cauliflower pizza crust from Trader Joe's is my new favorite food find. Don't fight it just go buy it. Yeah, yeah it's not pizza however it gets the job done.

People, I FINALLY jumped on the Thrive Market bandwagon. Not really sure why I waited so long, but I can get healthier products I love at a discounted rate delivered to my door. You better believe I did endless amounts of price comparisons before I ordered. Sign up today and receive 25% off your first order! Psst -- Free shipping on all orders over $49.

Still counting macros...weight is leveling off and body composition is changing. I'm working on a full  12 week post.

A+F.... yeah, I know who am I. Seriously though I was on their site last night and they were speaking my love language. I ended up purchasing this sweater and dress. I'm also loving this cozy scarf. My only grip is free shipping after $75 and $7 shipping charge on returns. People it's 2017 it should be free shipping both ways. I'm also ok with a minimum purchase of $50.... shipping rant over. Psst - everything is currently 40% off and if you join their "club" you'll receive a $20 off code which can be stacked with the current sale. Happy shopping :)

And that's a wrap.... for today. Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day of School 2017

It's that time of year. You know that time when parents do a dance because, well to simply put it their kids go back to school. Even though this little lady is only in preschool and only there a few days a week she's moving up to the 3 year old class room! I couldn't help but to do a little back to school shopping and snap a few photos. #momlife

Tunic Set | Shoes

It's also fitting to snap a photo with chalk all over our porch. Oh well. Anyway, last week we did a little back to school shopping and picked up a few new pieces. Personally I've loving the chambray tunic and leggings, but I know Emerson is more obsessed with her new Mini Melissa giraffe shoes. I mean, what toddler wouldn't be. If you have a girl you need a pair of Mini Melissa shoes in your life.

I'm sorry, but this girl is just so stinking cute I can't help it.

sorry for the burry-ish photo someone was wanting to jump around

Ok, so did you go back to school shopping for your toddler or maybe yourself?

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