Monday, September 15, 2014

Feast Portland // Juicing with Portland Juice Co.

Feast Portland starts in three days! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?! This will probably be the last time, for a while, that the hubby and I take a vacation just the two of us. Well if you're just tuning in and wondering what I'm taking about you might want to check out my previous posts here and here. Today you're in for a treat. Last week I chatted with Mattie Fowler, Events Coordinator at Portland Juice Co. Which means today it's all about juice.

Juicing is all the rage and I think it’s here to stay. What advice would you give the home juicer just getting started?

MF: Don’t be afraid experiment with ingredients that are in season locally! Vegetables like cucumber and romaine will have a high liquid yield, fruits like pears and apples will add sweetness and will add tons of antioxidants. Adding roots like ginger and turmeric will add a boldness to the flavor, offering powerful immune support. If you like spice, don't hesitate to introduce ingredients like cayenne and jalapeƱo…great for metabolism and circulation! 

It’s a customer’s first time visiting Portland Juice Co. what should they order?

MF: For first-time visitors to Portland Juice Company, you must try our crowd favorite, The Om! It's 100% Organic and only has 4 ingredients: Hazelnuts, Dates, Cinnamon, and Filtered Water. It's protein-dense and rich in Omega's and other good fats, so it could be used as a meal replacement or a post-workout source of protein. Also ask about our seasonal juices! These juices rotate regularly depending on seasonal ingredients, and are typically on the sweeter side, as well as refreshing!

What are your top 5 ingredients/ juicing must-haves?

MF: Our top 5 ingredients used are Kale, Cucumbers, Apples, Carrots, and Spinach. These are all wonderful "juicing basics" to have on hand. With a good base, you can add other ingredients that are flavor-dense and have phenomenal health benefits. You can get creative with these: Burdock, Chia Seed, Mint, Basil, and Tumeric are a few of our "curveball" ingredients

c/o Portland Juice Co.

What is the one thing you wish people knew about juice that most don’t?

MF: (a two-part answer)

a) Our method of juicing, called Cold-Pressing, does not incorporate any heat, and very little oxygen, during the pressing process. This process yields more juice, and allows the cell walls of the fruits and veggies to stay intact, delaying oxidization (which breaks down the nutrients). This is produces a higher quality of juice than you would find from a blender or home juicer. Our juice has a 4-day shelf life, opposed to 30 minutes, as you will often see at juice bars. 

b) Your body will thank you, and drinking cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice is a difference that you can feel! Many people report that their bodies "crave" the nutrient-dense source of vitamins and minerals that raw juice provides. 

What cleanse do you recommend for first timers?

MF: For first-time cleansers, I would recommend our DIY Detox! It consists of 4 16-oz fruit and vegetable juices, plus one light meal of your choosing, for 3 days. It's a great option for people who have never done a cleanse before, and want to get the detoxifying benefits of doing a cleanse, without completely giving up food. ($79-$99)

I’m pregnant, but still want to juice. What juice combo do you recommend?

MF: We always want communicate that we are not medical professionals, and cannot treat, diagnose, or prescribe. That being said, juicing allows your body to readily absorb super potent sources of vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes that aids with tissue growth. Adding any of the following ingredients to your juice will have huge health benefits: 
  • Ginger: Great immune support, and can help with nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness
  • Greens, such as Spinach, Kale, and Romaine Lettuce: Excellent sources of folic acid
  • Peaches and beets: Rich and iron and potassium, preventing anemia. Can also aid with indigestion and constipation
Be aware of natural sugars in juices. Balance fruits with low-sugar vegetables, and make sure you are drinking lots of water before and after juices. 

One of our classic combinations is 1 Apple, 1 beet, and 4 carrots. For added nutrients, you could even throw in a handful of kale and/or spinach, a peeled lemon, and a chunk of ginger. Enjoy! 

c/o Portland Juice Co.

How often do you introduce new juice flavors?

MF: On average, we come out with a new flavor about once a month. Our newest juice is a sweet green juice that offers an antioxidant boost, with locally-grown Hosui Pears. It also contains Kale, Fennel, Ginger, and Romaine, and take my word - it's DELICIOUS. 

Anything else you would like to mention about Portland Juice Co. or the hands on class at Feast PDX?

MF: Juicing is our way of life! We are so excited and passionate about what we do, and that's what makes it fun to stop into any of our locations to chat about raw juice! We are excited for our hands-on Feast PDX class, to show our audience how to create your own fun, raw, and delicious juices, right at home! We also offer full samplings of our menu at all of our locations, so stop by and see us! We're convinced we have a juice for everybody. :)

A big shout out and thank you to Mattie and the folks at Portland Juice Co. I know they're busy prepping for their Feast PDX hands on class -- Juicy, Juice with Portland Juice Company. I appreciate that they took the time chat about all things juicing. You can find out more information about the hands on class and purchase tickets here. Don’t delay, you won’t want to miss out on all the juicing tips! The next time you're in Portland don't forget to stop by the Portland Juice Co.!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Booties // Favorites

Fall Booties

Second Row: Gap // Steve Madden // Steve Madden
Four Row Row: Frye //  Sperry Top-Sider // Jessica Simpson   

With Fall weather finally here, I'm ready to start wearing boots and booties. I've always loved tall riding style boots, but this year I figured I should embrace the ankle bootie. Plus, being pregnant I want something easy to slide on and comfortable. Although, I'm in love with the Frye Wedges I'm not ready to shell out the hefty $298 -- maybe they'll go on sale soon. I purchased the short black Steve Madden booties a few days ago and can't decide between the these TOMS or DV wedges.  What do you think?

What shoes are you eyeing this fall?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feast Portland // Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting Insider Tips

Summer has seriously flown by. Maybe it's because we're expecting, trying to remodel a kitchen, various visitors, or just a combination of everything. Either way, I can't believe it's already September! There's no escaping it and you can definitely feel it in Tahoe. Crisp morning air, pine needles everywhere and open trails. Fall in Tahoe is amazing. 

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about food -- actually an amazing food event at Feast Portland. In less than two weeks the hubby and I will be heading to Portland, Oregon for Feast Portland! One of the various events I plan on attending is the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting Presented by Alaska Airlines. Since this is my first grand tasting at Feast Portland I figured why not ask the experts about the event. Lucky you I'm sharing some insider tips form one of the event's founders, Carrie Welch.

c/o Jannie Huang

The Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting is a foodie's dream, but could be overwhelming at the same time. Where do you suggest beginning?
CW: Yes the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting Presented by Alaska Airlines is overwhelming, in the best way! However, it is also one of our most laid back, relaxed events as you are outside in one of Portland's historic landmarks, Pioneer Courthouse Square, literally in the center of the city, enjoying all the state has to offer in terms of food and drink.

Start out by getting the lay of the land - you have tasting tents to your right, KitchenAid Stage with cooking demonstrations to your left, and even up top above the steps, there are more tasting areas from our partners like Whole Foods Market and Bon Appetit. You can also find some crazy good wines up there, so don't miss it!

At big events like these, I like to do a lap before I commit to a location. That way, you can plan your drinks, your bites, what demo you're going to see and what you're going to be sure to go back to. I'd grab a taste of wine or beer while I'm doing this, just to get the party started a bit. Walk around the upper tasting areas, catch that demo from one of our top chefs, and then, when you are ready, hit the tasting tents in all their glory. There is so much to choose from - we have every artisan from honey to peanut butter to vegan cupcakes this year - so go for it and trust that everyone there is going to be very good!
c/o Matt Sacks

There are so many incredible breweries, wineries, artisans, etc. Who do you feel are the hidden gems?
CW: There are so many! In the artisan category, I love Eliot's Adult Nut Butters - they are absolutely delicious suped up peanut butters with wild flavors; Mariam Foods - their Ethiopian dips are a great switch up to hummus; and Red Wagon Creamery - out of Eugene, their ice cream will put you in a dreamlike state.

On the winery and brewery front, we aim to provide both up and comers and established names. So you'll see your favorites like BridgePort and Hopworks beer, but have you tried Gilgamesh Brewing out of Salem? Same on wine - we have Soter, King Estate and Erath, who you know, as well as urban winery Division Winemaking Company and Hawks View Cellars out of Sherwood, who you might not!
c/o Feast Portland

Between Friday and Saturday what cooking demonstrations are you looking forward to the most?
CW: I love the whole vibe of the cooking demonstrations - people coming together over food, sharing tips and knowledge, you can't beat it! Chef Jenn Louis of Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern restaurants here in Portland is a wonderful teacher and her demos are always packed with great information. I also enjoy Sarah Simmons, who hosts a pop up in NYC called City Grit. She's new to our demo lineup so I'm excited to see what she'll do on stage.

Kitchen Aid Main Demo Stage Schedule:

Friday, September 19
1:00-1:45pm- Jenn Louis, Lincoln Restaurant
2:30-3:15pm- Naomi Pomeroy, Beast
4:00-4:45pm- Paul Qui, qui

Saturday, September 20
1:00-1:45pm- Sarah Simmons, CITY GRIT
2:30-3:15pm- Chris Cosentino, Cockscomb
4:00-4:45pm- Hugh Acheson, Empire State South

c/o Allison Jones

Can you describe the overall flow and feeling of the event?
CW: The OregonBounty Grand Tasting is a choose your own adventure type of event. There truly is something for everyone - if you like wine, you can taste wine and pair it with great food all day long. If beer is your thing, there are tons of ways you can experience it. If you just want to eat and eat some more, and watch the nation's best chefs create recipe magic, then sit back, relax and grab a step. There's an awesome feeling of togetherness at the event that, to me, is unmatched. You feel like you're a part of this incredible food movement and that's exciting.

Will there be products for sale?
CW: The only products for sale are Feast t-shirts, which are produced by our friends at Flavor Gallery and are fantastic! They go fast so be sure to grab one!
c/o Allison Jones
Any other insider tips you would like to add?
CW: Many of our partners have great areas around the perimeter with fun activities like temporary pear tattoos from USA Pears, travel information and trip giveaways from Travel Oregon and great chefs preparing regional foods from around the state. KitchenAid, Alaska Airlines and other partners also have more fantastic items so be sure to really get in there and experience it all!

A big thank you to Carrie and her team I appreciate that they took the time chat about Feast. I’m seriously even more ecstatic to experience the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting firsthand. You can find out more information about the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting event here, and lucky you tickets are still available. Don’t delay, you won’t want to miss out on all the deliciousness!
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