Friday, August 18, 2017

This + That

Happy Friday! Where did the week go? So obviously I didn't wrap up any of the current 23 blog drafts and am going with a random This + That post, again. You're welcome.

Mini shopping carts - love or hate them? Yesterday while at Trader Joe's I let Emerson push around a mini cart for the first time. She LOVED it. I even let her pick out items to put in said mini cart. Overall, she killed it shopping and the cart only fell over once.... ooops. Here's my take. Yes your shopping trip will take that much longer, but it entertains your kid while getting involved in everyday tasks.  It's a win in my book. Pro Tip: Go shopping during less busy times

Beauty refresh - I recently started going through my beauty products, yes all 5 of them, and have started replacing them for better options or because they are straight up old. Yes, I'm looking at you mascara. Lucky me my sister not only introduced me to Beauty Counter, but she's running a killer special. In the spirit of treating ourselves, she's hosting a virtual social with a kicker. She'll give 25% off a new lipstick with any item purchased and throw in a FREE lipstick of your choice for purchases over $100. Stock up before September 13th and get a little extra! My favorite items include the charcoal bar and mask!

Podcasts - Do you listen to podcasts? I've been devouring The Paleo Woman Podcast. They  talk about all things healthy and wellness not just Paleo as the title might imply. Check them out! What podcasts are you loving?

Monthly Mama Dinners - A few months ago I started attending "Mamas Dinners." Basically it's a group of moms who get together once a month for dinner. I knew some of the ladies prior, and made some new friends in the process. There's roughly 10 of us and we rotate houses every month. While it's hard to get motivated to go I always have a blast.

Quick Macro update - I've lost 10 pounds and haven't lost any strength! I can not stress enough that it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. Nothing is off limits I just have a budget of carbs, fats and protein. This means I'm mindful of how I spend it. For example, today I'll enjoy a piece of JOJO's Chocolate Bark. Counting Macros has not only taught me about portion control, but that the right ratio of c/f/p helps your body process food better. Since I started counting macros my skin looks amazing, I'm not bloated, I sleep like a champ even more, have less inflammation and so much more!

Be kind to your body and it will be kind to you.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This + That

JOJO's Chocolate Bark [c/o]

Happy Friday lovelies! I've been flying solo since Tuesday and I'm missing my people. I really don't know what to do with myself. Luckily they're back Sunday! I can't wait. How am I filling my time? Basically working, working out, enjoying a clean house and thinking about all the things I should be doing. HA.

I'm ready to get back to blogging on the regular -- are the there any topics you would like me to touch on?

We don't have cable and haven't for over 3 years! Crazy right?! But we've saved at least $1,000 a year because we cut cable. Think about that for a hot second. Instead we have Hulu and I've been addicted to Chopped the last few weeks! Bring on all the cooking shows.

Speaking of saving money I have been working on a few financial themed posts. I'm not an expert, but my husband and I are debt free (aside from our mortgage) and have been since before we met. Fun fact, neither of us had college debt or credit card debt (ever)!

I currently have 23 blog posts drafted just waiting for me to finish and hit publish. hmmm

If you're a chocolate lover like me you need to order yourself a few bags of JOJO's Chocolate Bark, stat! If you follow me on instagram then you know how I feel about Peanut Butter Delight -- it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I should mention one bar has 10g carbs, 12g fats and 6g protein. Yup, they totally will fit into your macros.

Let's talk about workout apparel because we all know I love wearing it as much as I love talking about it. Say hello you the newest Four Athletics Ambassador! Whoop,whoop! What does that mean? Well yours truly gets to work with an amazing apparel company and you get 15% off all your purchases when you use code TiaraWasner15. Think lulu, but affordable. More details to follow.

Lastly, macros. I get a lot of questions asking how it's going. Well, it's pretty amazing. I'm down almost 10 pounds! Don't worry I eat you can ask my husband. I'm just eating the right ratio of carbs, fat and protein. Want to know what I eat check out my IG stories I share meals and snacks regularly. Two items keeping me on track include a EatSmart Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale and food scale (which is currently 80% off). If you want to start counting macros you need to weigh your food, but more on that later.

OK, I think I've rambled enough today. Do you like these type of posts? Anyway have a great weekend and I promise I'll wrap up those 23 drafts some time this year.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Blueberry Lime Crumble Bars

Ok, I know I owe you guys so many posts, but seriously I'm just trying to soak in every bit of summer I can. We know winter is only few months away. eek. After last winter the thought makes me cringe.

Instead of sharing my six weeks of counting macros recap today I'm back with the tastiest Blueberry Lime Crumble Bars. Is your mouth watering yet? I'm ready to eat another just talking about it. And yes, these totally fit into macros without blowing your daily intake of carbs. #winning

With berry season in full force I can't eat enough berries. Raspberries are my number one choice. What about you? Do you have a favorite berry?

Are you running to the store yet to pick up all the ingredients? Honestly you probably have most as they are all kitchen staples. At least at our house.

Makes 12 bars
Adapted from The Smitten Kitchen

Crust & Crumbs
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup coconut sugar
4 oz unsalted butter
1 egg

Berry Filling
2 cups fresh blueberries (or any choice of berries)
1/4 cup coconut sugar
2 tsp arrowroot (cornstarch works too)
1 1/2 tbs lime juice (or lemon)

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and grease a 8x8 baking pan.

In a small bowl prepare the berry filling,  by gently tossing together fresh berries, sugar, lime juice and arrowroot. Set aside.

With an electric mixer, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, butter and egg. Mix until the dough is moist but very crumbly. Divide the dough in half, and press half into the greased pan. Make sure you have an even layer for the crust.

Pour the berry mixture over the crust. Then sprinkle the remaining crumble over the berry layer.

Bake for roughly 45 minutes, or until the juices are bubbling. The crumble should only be slightly  browned.

Let it cool or enjoy it warm with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Blueberry Banana Oat Muffins

Happy August y'all!

Where has the summer gone! Seriously, though? I might be over here counting macros (update post coming soon), but it's not stopping me from baking tasty muffins for the the fam... or me if I'm being serious. Hey as long as it fits my numbers...

I'm notorious for finding recipes on pinterest and then altering the ingredients to fit my wants and needs. Today's recipe is no different. You can find the original recipe here.

With berry season practically upon us I want all things berries -- tarts, crumbles, muffins, pancakes -- you name it and I'll eat it. E loves her berries too. Every morning she has blueberries, raspberries or strawberries with breakfast. She love these muffins although she only eats the top. The kid knows what's up. You know muffin tops are the best part?!

Not only are these Blueberry Banana Oat Muffins a tasty breakfast options they can be included in any school lunch (nut-free) in lieu of a sweet treat or enjoyed as an afternoon snack. (144 Calories/ 20.6g Carbs/ 5.9g Fat / 2.9g Protein )

Blueberry Banana Oat Muffins
Makes 16 / Adapted from The Crafted Sparrow


1 cup Bananas, mashed (roughly 2 medium bananas)
6 oz. Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1 Egg
1 cup Old Fashion Oats
1 1/2 cups All purpose flour
2 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Baking soda
1/2 cup Coconut  sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
1/3 cup Avocado Oil
3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and line muffin tin with liners or non-stick spray.

Mash your bananas.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Combine with a whisk and set aside.

In a another bowl, beat egg before adding in milk, oil, and vanilla. Next, add in the mashed banana and combine.

Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, mix well. Fold in blueberries.

Fill your muffin tins 2/3 of the way full with the batter. Bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick pulls clean from the center of the muffin.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What's still Available

There's still 10 day left to score some sweet deals during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Things might be flying of the shelf, but there's plenty of great deals to be had and I rounded up a number of in stock items under $100!

Items from my first order, yes I made a few, are starting to roll in some are hits and other are misses. Since the closest Nordstrom is 2 hours away I ordered a number of things because you never know what you're going to like or not. What's been your favorite score from the sale?

Happy Shopping:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Only Hat you Need to Buy Your Kid

I don't know about you, but trying to keep a hat on a 2 and a half year old isn't easy. Well that was until I purchased a Sunday Afternoon hat! And for the record they are by no means paying me to say this. Seriously though Emerson will rock the Kids Play hat fishing, hiking, at the beach, etc. Best money spent this summer!

Shoes | Overalls
I'm just going to lay it out there it's not the most fashionable hat, but it's practical and in my opinion Emerson looks pretty darn cute in it.

It all started at the beach. There's a group of us who meet at beach, with the kids, every Sunday like clock work. (Nick usually stays home to work on the house.) Two of the kids had Sunday Afternoon hats and after weeks of noticing how they NEVER took them off I knew Emerson needed one.

Later that night you better believe I ordered one from Amazon! Yes, they are pricey for a kids hat however they are worth EVERY penny! It'll be a great hat for our upcoming trip to Mexico! Yup, tickets and hotel are booked. Via la Mexico!

Oh, and the best part about this specific hat is it will grow with her head!

Amazing Features Include:
- Down-sloping brim with floatable foam core
- Full neck veil for protecting back of neck
- UPF 50+ Certified Sun Rating
- Strategic mesh ventilation on Child & Youth sizes
- Water Repellent/Stain Resistant
- Packs flat for travel SmartStrap® Breakaway Chinstrap Technology
- Stroller-Friendly Wearability
- Adjustable sizing

I should mention I'm not alone, all the other parents from our beach group also purchased the Sunday Afternoon Kids Play Hat! We might have to lined them up at the beach for a photo or two.

For sizing questions, we purchased a medium for Emerson and it's perfect.

FYI: they make some cute lifestyle hats for women and men. I'm digging this, this and this for myself and I could see Nick rocking this hat.

Shop our Favorite Sunday Afternoon Hats for the whole Family:

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hiking with a Toddler

Are you ready for this? We took Emerson hiking! I'll let it and this view fully soak in.

You're probably thinking we're crazy. I might agree with you, but it went way better than I expected. Especially considering we don't have a pack, like one of  these, to carry her in. That's right she walked or road on dad's shoulders!

We tried to keep it fun and made sure to snap photos and stop for plenty of snacks along the way.

While we had an end destination we gaged whether to continue based on Emerson. Yes, I would have liked to hike further or faster, but our goal was to keep it fun and get her use to hiking. It's something we enjoy doing and hope she will too.

Around an hour in we could tell she was getting tired and decided it was time to turn around. On the way back we saw goats! Yes, goats. To top it off they were pet goats. There was a woman walking 3 leashed goats! That was a first. It might have been the highlight of the hike.

Tips for hiking with a Toddler
- keep it fun
- pick a simple hike
- talk about hiking before you go
- pack lot of snacks
- sunscreen and a big hat are musts

This time around we picked a beginner hike to Lake Winnemuca. It's mostly a covered hike, but offers gorgeous views and if you time it right you can catch the wildflowers blooming.

What type of adventures are you taking with your kids this summer?

Shop our favorite hiking gear:

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stitch Fix #5

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I know it's the weekend and I hope you're having a blast, but I decided I couldn't wait until Monday to share my latest Stitch Fix Box! Plus, I need your help. My stylist nailed it and I want to keep everything... People this has NEVER happen. I'm not going to lie, but I typically send everything back! Yup, I've only ever kept one piece. However, when Stitch Fix said they would waive my $20 styling fee I said what the heck. Boy am I glad I did.

So let's dive right in.

Kut From the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket | $78
First things first I requested a denim jacket. I've wanted one for awhile and figured I should just ask. Lucky me there was a denim Jacket in my box. The fit is amazing and it has the perfect stretch to denim ratio. The price is on point with what you would find at Nordstrom (see here, here, and here). Bottom line it's a great basic and fits great! Verdict: KEEP

Collective Concepts Niara Dress | $78
When I pulled this dress out of the box I thought no way. Gold stripes...come on. Then I put it on and it felt amazing. It's doesn't look too bad either. I could see myself pairing it with a pair of booties. Here's the thing it's dry clean only! I'm a low maintenance kind of gal and I just don't know if I should buy it. Verdict: On the fence

Laila Jayde Taranto Button Back knit Top | $58
Oh how I love a good striped top. This top is amazing. The right length, color, fit and extra detail on the back. The dilemma -- is it worth $58? Verdict: On the fence

Just Black Channing Distressed Skinny Jean | $78
Another item I specifically requested was a pair of white jeans. Again, I've really wanted a pair. These fit like a glove and are super soft. They are more of a stretchy jean verse true jean. While I loved these I'm sending them back because they are just a tad too see through. Verdict: RETURNED

Daniel Rain Abram Eyelet Back Detail Top | $64
While I didn't love this top when I pulled it out of the box I loved it on. Paired with jeans or shorts this number is perfect for any backyard BBQ. Sadly it's hand wash only and mama doesn't have time for that. Verdict: RETURNED

What do you think? What would you keep /return?

Friday, July 21, 2017

#NSALE Top Toddler Picks


The Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is now open to non-cardmembers! YAY! You better believe my cart is full with these and these! The NSALE is a great time to stock up on fall staples and those items you've been waiting to go on sale.

For Emerson I'm specifically looking for warmer items she can wear to school or running errands with mom. Honestly I think this kid is more stylish than her mom. No shame.

Here are a few items I'm digging for Emerson.

Shop My Toddler Picks:

What's in your Nordstrom shopping cart?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Crossfit Comp Recap

Hello, hello!

If you follow me on instagram [@tiara_wasner] then you might have noticed on Saturday there was some serious fitness going on. Yup, I competed in a Crossfit competition. Not only was it a blast I worked my little butt off. In the end I placed 6th overall and missed the finals by only 4 points! That's basically a matter of seconds.

This year I completed in the Masters 35-44 division. Yay, for being an old lady. Above is just a few of the crew with Coach Del - 3x Crossfit Games Masters Athlete!

The WODs were fast and dirty. While I placed 3rd in WOD 1 when it came to the 1,000m row apparently I just couldn't row fast enough and placed 9th. whomp, whomp.

Hey, that's ok because I placed 4th in WOD 3 - Max 3 rep front squat from the ground. Oh it happen immediately after rowing 1,000 meters! You had 9 minutes to complete both. Yours truly hit 135 lbs.

Del coaching me through my lift while I'm trying to catch my breath after rowing.

WOD 4 was running and ground to over head. I pushed it too hard, burnt out, and finished in 9th place. At the end of the day I'm extremely happy with the progress I've made over the last 3 months. While I would have loved to make it to the finals I know I tried my best. After thinking about each WOD I know where I could have improved.

But my girl Nicole placed 1st overall! So pride of her.

Just two fit moms!

Shop my go-to Crossfit Gear:

Monday, July 17, 2017

#NSALE Top Athletic Wear Picks

Girls, you know I had to share my athletic picks stat! This gal will never steer you wrong when it comes to athletic wear/gear. Tested and approved right here! You should know, at minimum, I workout 2 hours a day 5 days a week! This does not include all the extras like walking the dog, bikes rides etc. However, it should be noted when I'm not working out I'm still rocking my athleisure.

Ok enough rambling let's get to my athletic wear picks!

Shop my favorite #NSALE fit picks:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

#NSALE My Early Access Picks

Yup, it's that time of year again and yes I'm just another blogger jumping on the #NSALE wagon. It's a fun wagon to be on.  Today I'm just sharing a few favorites, but you better believe I'll be sharing my top workout, toddler and fall picks! So stay tune. If you don't have a Nordstrom Card (cough, Like me, cough -- sorry I'm a one credit card kind of gal. That's a blog for another day) don't fret. Just window shop and cross your fingers it's still there come July 20.

Shop the post + additional NSALE picks:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

This + That

Happy Friday Friends! 

I seriously can't believe we're nearly half way through summer! We've been fully enjoying the long summer days.

I'm still looking for the perfect swimsuit so if you have any you love help a girl out.

We finally switched over to a cast iron skillet! It was time.  In fact, yesterday I picked up the Tramontina Cast Iron Skillets 2-pack (similar) for $29 from Costco! Speaking of Costco I picked up another Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair and 3 pack of cutting boards. I almost purchased a Core Kitchen 10-piece Ergonomic Silicone Utensil Set -- I love the feel, etc., but I kind wish they were black.

A few weeks again I started tracking my macros, again. In two weeks I've lost 4 pounds. My overall goal is to get lean without losing strength and so far I'm happy with my progress. I'm actually working one-on-one with a nutritionist to dial things in and I'm learning so much along the way. I'll likely start sharing progress and tips, etc along the way. I'm just waiting a few more weeks. If you want to see what I'm eating follow me on MyFitnessPal.

The Poshmark app is amazing! With a little effort you can easily sell used/new clothes from your phone. It's super easy -- snap a few photos, write a short description and set your price. They do keep 20% but you'll still make more money than donating or selling it at a garage sale. Sign up with code PTGUE to get $5 off your first order.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Because I have Amazon Prime

Happy post Fourth of July! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. Anyway after being non-existent pretty much all of June I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. First things first, mark your calendar Amazon Prime Day is July 11. It's a shopping day that's not to be missed. Honestly you'll find some of the best deals you'll see on Amazon during the Prime Day sale. I'm not kidding when I say it, but last year I bought Christmas presents for Emerson during the prime sale!

If you don't have prime you must be living under a rock because it's seriously a game changer. Especially for those of us living 25+ miles from Target, or basically any real shopping. My prime membership pays for itself 10 times over.

In fact here are 10 of the 28 items I've ordered in the last 6 months. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fresh + Easy 30 Minute Summer Meal

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smithfield® Marinated Fresh Pork. The opinions and text are all mine.

Oh, summertime let me count the ways I love you. Aside from longer days there’s nothing better than fresh fruits + veggies and grilling out. However, sometimes it’s hard to grill mid-week when you’re playing with your kids, working out, mowing the lawn or a number of other things that fill your time in the evening.

With that said, I focus on quick, easy, fresh and better for you meals during the week. Think real flavor, real fast in 30 minutes or less. Yes, you read that correctly - 30 minutes or less! Wednesday was one of those nights. I opened the fridge and thought, what can I whip up tonight?

Luckily during my last trip to Safeway I grabbed a Smithfield Applewood Bacon Pork Loin Filet and a ton of fresh veggies. Since the grill master was busy mowing the lawn I popped the pork loin into the oven and got busy chopping veggies and boiling water for sweet corn!

Smithfield Applewood Bacon Pork Loin Filet.jpg

Let’s talk veggies -- I made a simple salad using cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cucumber. During the summer this is a staple. It’s simple and classic. Sometimes I mix it up and add feta, olives, avocado or even bacon!  

Summer Cucumber Salad
serves 4-6

½ - 1 lb cherry tomatoes
1 medium cucumber
1/2 medium red onion, sliced
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp sea salt
1/8 tsp black pepper

Place tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion into a large salad bowl. Top with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Toss gently to combine.

Friends this salad is so yummy even my toddler eats it -- red onions and all! #momwin Not only did she enjoy the salad, she also loved Smithfield Applewood Bacon Pork Loin Filet. Oh, since it was topped with bacon, cooking it in the oven was a good call. You don’t want to lose any of the bacon ;)  I love how juicy the pork loin is, it’s truly is real flavor, real fast.

Smithfield is also challenging you to see what you can do with Marinated Fresh Pork to get a flavorful meal ready in about 30 minutes with their “What Can You Do With 30?” meal and tip contest. For more 30-minute meal preparation ideas, and to submit your original recipe for a chance to win great prizes, head to


The next time you’re at Safeway check out the Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork options in the fresh meat section.

Just remember when you're shopping Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork = Real Flavor Real Fast.

What's your favorite meal to whip up in 30 minutes or less?

Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Adventure in Lake Tahoe with a Toddler

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NourishInNoTime #SnackWithPurpose #CollectiveBias

Happy Monday!

Life's about to get crazy again... Yup, I've been a tad MIA because work and life. But I couldn't pass up the chance to chat about Father's day, fishing and on-the-go snacks. You know this girl and her toddler like to eat.

As you know we live in gorgeous Lake Tahoe where views and adventures are endless.  Well, we're training Emerson to love all things Tahoe. She's going to be one fun loving mountain kid. The key is to start early. While she might only been two and a half I think we're introducing her to the right amount of adventure. So far she LOVES playing in snow/sledding, walking the dog in the forest, biking, beach days and fishing! I can't wait to get her on skis next winter.

How to Adventure in Lake Tahoe with a Toddler

Step One 
Pick a location with killer views. Just think about how gorgeous the backdrop will be whether your kid is smiling or crying.

Step Two 
Pack plenty of snacks. I don't know about you but I eat as often as my toddler...not kidding. When I'm looking for grab and go snacks/food I'll usually grab a quick sandwich, Odwalla smoothie or protein shake (hello I'm trying to hit 100g of protein a day!), and fresh cut fruit package from our local Safeway store.

While I love making smoothies at home I don't alway have time and Odwalla products are a great on-the-go solution when you're trying to make smart choices. Plus, their smoothies are 100% juice, Non GMO verified with no added sugar.

DEAL ALERT: Save $1 on your next purchase of in-store fresh cut fruit when you buy any TWO (2) Odwalla 15.2 fl. oz. (You'll receive a print out coupon at the register.). Offer ends 6/27/17.

Safeway's fresh cut fruit cups are ideal for toddlers! As you can see Nick (in the background) is setting up the fishing poles and Emerson is checking out the views while enjoying berries. The cup is perfect for little toddler hands, especially if they're always on the move like Emerson.

Step Three
This one is a twofer. Adventure with friends who have kids around the same age and pick something that will hold their attention -- like fishing! These two were having a blast playing with their mini fishing poles...even if they weren't really fishing.  

Dad + daughters celebrating Father's Day. Because that's an adventure in itself.

Well there you have it. Father's Day and how we adventure with a Toddler! Now I should note step four is the ability to read your toddler's cues and know when it's time to head home :) Side note,  I love the Odwalla Chai Vanilla Protein Shake post workout. It's just easy!

Just in case you shop at Safeway ;)

What's your  favorite on-the-go snack?