Wednesday, October 26, 2016

12 Things to add to Your Nordstrom's Wish List

There's something about a sale and Nordstrom that make me giddy. Ok, maybe it's just a sale.... either way you really can't go wrong when shopping at Nordstrom.

Recently I've been thinking about scrapping my wardrobe, in it's entirety, and starting over. The thought is scary, but I'm pretty sure I wear the same thing every week -- mostly activewear and 'work' clothes a few days a week. At this point I'm sure my clients think I only have 5 outfits. HAHA

I started browsing Nordstrom and added the following to my wish list and or cart. I bet you know which made it to the cart -- cough, zella leggings, cough.

Anyway these are all great pieces that will work perfectly throughout fall and winter. What's on you Nordstrom's wish list?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holiday Card Options

Yes, Holiday cards. I went there before Halloween even happen. I guess I'm as bad as the big box stores already discounting Thanksgiving items and rolling out Christmas decor! Crazy right?! But let's be real either you're starting to think about your Christmas card or you've already snapped the perfect photo.

Sometimes the hardest part it picking out a card design. The last few years we've used Minted and while I love Minted this year I decided to explore my options.

As mentioned above, Minted as been our go-to the last few years [2013, 20142015] and is the top contender for 2016. Minted offers an array of options. I think the reason I keep going back is because they have some of the best designs. I'm a sucker

I'm loving this, this and this.


Tiny Prints
I've heard so many great things about Tiny Prints. Plus, I do love using Shutterfly to create photo books so it only made sense to check out Tiny Prints -- They're one in the same company. They are also very affordable. We all know Christmas Cards can be pricey. psst: when you sign up you'll receive a code for 25% Off + FREE Shipping on your first order! That's worth ordering from Tiny Prints.

Tiny Prints

Paper Culture
Maybe you've heard of them maybe you haven't. I'm kind of crushing on Paper Culture right now. They have a super modern feeling to their cards. Right now they are offering 30% off -- no code necessary!   Aside from being affordable here are a few additional reasons you should buy Paper Culture: A Tree Planted with EVERY Order, 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper, and FREE Return & Recipient Address Printing.

Okay -- I'm sure I only scratched the surface regarding Holiday card options so tell me your favorite[s]!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Currently Loving

Well, I survived Jury Duty! While it was only three days, it was a long three days. I actually have some really great posts I need to write, but it's just not going to happen this week. Sometimes you have it in you and sometimes you just don't. Plus, I feel like I'm playing catch up with work. I'm sure most of you can relate. Anyway, figured I would share a few things I'm currently loving.

JORD Wood Watches

I've always been a watch girl and I'm currently loving my new JORD Wood Watch [c/o]. Full details + a giveaway coming soon!

Fall/Winter Gear

God I love workout clothes. I honestly wear them everyday.  I wake up take a shower and put on activewear whether or not I plan to workout. Usually it's in the plan. With a new season comes new workout gear! YAY! Hey any reason to buy a new pair of leggings, top or sports bra. Are you with me?! I'm currently eying this, this and this. I just PR'd my clean [at 130 lbs] so I think I deserve a treat!

Thrive by Go Macro

I've never met a GoMarco bar I didn't like. Which is probably why I love their new Thrive by GoMarco [c/o] bars.

Like all GoMacro products, Thrive are USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, Gluten-Free certified, 100% Vegan, and soy-free. Thrive is currently available to purchase online and at Whole Foods!  

Vessel Bag - Large Signature Tote

Back in July, I won the best work tote ever! Honestly, it's seriously amazing. I'm able to pack my laptop, snacks and practically everything else I need to kick ass and take names. Plus, it's pretty sleek looking.

With every bag purchased, Vessel gives a school backpack to a child in need. Since Buy a Bag, Give a Bag was implemented, Vessel customers have helped provide: 9,000+ school backpacks

What are you currently loving?