Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How To Get Pen off Cabinets, Walls, etc.

Some of you might have caught Emerson's latest artwork on my insta stories last week. For those of you who didn't she drew all over the new kitchen cabinets, walls, built-in and cedar chest. When I got home from the gym and saw it I nearly cried.

Immediately I grabbed a wet cloth and started scrucbbing. When it didn't work I tried a multi-surface cleaner before turning to the internet. It's amazing what you can find on you tube, etc. Anyway the first remedy that popped up was hairspray. Totally random.

Initially I thought no way, but I tested a spot on the wall just in case it ruined the paint. I could always paint the wall, but the kitchen cabinets is another story. Verdict: It took the pen and paint right off. Needless to say, don't use hairspray.

Next up was baking soda and water. You're probably laughing, but guess what it worked and didn't ruin the the paint or finish! Plus, it's all natural. It also took off black rubber marks from the bar area!

So how did I use baking soda and water to remove pen from the kitchen cabinets?

You'll need...

- baking soda
- water
- sponge for scrubbing
- damp cloth
- dry cloth
- small glass or bowl
- spoon

How to...

Place a fair amount of baking soda in a glass or bowl. I used roughly 1/3 cup baking soda. Then slowly add water and mix until you've crated a paste like consistency. You'll want it thick like toothpaste. If it's too watery don't worry add more baking soda.

Next, put a spoonful of paste on your sponge and start scrubbing.  Really put some elbow grease into it. FYI - it's going to take a few minutes of scrubbing to get the pen out.

Use the wet cloth followed with a dry cloth to wipe down the surface. Repeat until the pen mark is gone.

Monday, February 27, 2017

prAna Style Spring Edition + My thoughts on 17.1

Through my ambassadorship with FitApproach, I was given the opportunity to review a few pieces from prAna's new spring line. This post was sponsored by prAna and Fit Approach. As always opinions 100% my own.

Hello is this thing on?! Yup, I took a little impromptu blogging break last week. Man did it feel good. If you're a blogger I suggest trying it some time. But let's get down to business.... workout clothes and 17.1.

Hi my name is Tiara and I'm a workout clothes hoarder. Yep, I just can't stop. Maybe it's because I workout more that I should admit or simply because I can wear yoga pants to work. My boss doesn't mind. HA if you didn't know I work from home. BTW...Yoga pants are never office appropriate unless you work in the fitness industry.

Moving on... I recently teamed up with prAna to help spread the word about their awesome spring line. I must confess I've never previously owned anything prAna! I know, I know. But after rocking the Chetan Capri leggings the last few weeks I'm a fan.

leggings / tank / shoes
Oh, and they are high waisted without being over the top! I recently discovered a love for high waisted legging... yes late to the game. Why high waisted? Not only are they super flattering, but in general they stay in place during box jumps, burpees, running, etc.! I should note I've only lifted in my prAna leggings. Fit Guide: I'm 5'4" 130 lbs and am wearing a small tank and leggings

With all the snow I can't help but dream of spring and summer. The Mika Strappy Top doesn't offer a ton of support for high impact days, but it's ideal for yoga, lounging around the house, or even layering over a bikini top. I can totally see myself rocking this tank to the beach or hiking to an alpine lake. Bottom line... the color is on point and it's made for low impact days.

But that back....

I'm a sucker for sports bras or tanks with a fun back. Hello I get to show off those muscles I've worked really hard for. prAna has more than workout clothes! I'm currently loving this, this and this. As a mom on the go I could see myself living in these pieces running to playdates, traveling or just hanging out at the house.

Let's talk about crossfit because 17.1 had me like whoa! While I didn't finish like I was hoping to I still Rx'd the workout and finished with a decent score. I have to remember how far I've come since I seriously started training in June. The plan was to redo it today, but since my back is STILL tight it's a one and done. I figure I'll make up some points when muscle ups are programed. Can't win them all :) Anyone else do 17.1? Love or hate it? Personally, I liked the WOD until I hit 40 DB snatches then I started to cry on the inside. One down and four to go!

Did you sign up for the crossfit open?

P.S. prAna is offering readers 15% off through March 28, 2017 with discount code: S4P17IFF

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Living Room Mood Board

With a new living room and kitchen space our old furtuine along with some finshing are starting to look old, tired and dated. Because we're a sticklers for budgets we didn't run out immediately and buy all new things. Instead we've been talking about it for at least a year. If you ask my sister it's probably been longer, but either way we're getting closer to pulling the trigger on a new couch!

But it doesn't end there! Nope. With a new couch I'll finally be able to update our area rug, throw pillows, ottoman and curtains! Yup, I want to pick a couch first and coordinate decor, etc. around it. It is the largest and most expensive piece.

My style is all over the place, but one thing I do know is I crave clean lines and rustic charm. Either way here's what I'm dreaming up today.

Living Room Inspo

I'll share all the details about our couch once it in the house, but know I've been searching high and low for the ideal couch at the right price.

What are we looking for? Enough seating for family and friends without the couch looking like it dominates the room. Definitely a gray sectional. Regarding material I just want something that is super easy to clean (hello toddler and dog). I'm not willing to sacrifice quality, but don't want to pay $5,000. I've looked at Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Macy's, Bassett and Interior Define.

Until then, fest your eyes on some living room inpso!


Do you have a couch you love and would buy again? Leave a comment below with all the details.